NHE 105: Child Development from a Neohumanist Perspective (2021)

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Syllabus & Course Description

To access syllabus, please click here.


Week One::

Weeks Two and Three: Here are the readings and resources to accompany, on Infant and Toddler Development: click here

Week Four:

  1. Teach Me to Fly, by Niiti Gannon click here, pages 25-79, with special emphasis on the chapters entitled “Precious is the Child” and “Play With Me”.

2. Piagetian Interviewing article click here

3. 3-5 Year Old Skills, by Mahajyoti Glassman click here

4. DAP Position Statement, by NAEYC click here , pages 19-20 on Observation

5. NHE 105 Final Project click here

6. Piaget cognitive stages click here

7. Openended Questions click here

8. Conscious Discipline brain states click here

9. Stages of Drawing click here

10. Parenting Styles click here

Week Five:  click here

Week Six: For the Moral Compass book, click here

                   Reading assignment for the above book this week: Pages 1-21 and 35-49

For the Teach Me to Fly book, click here

                  Reading assignment for the above book this week: Pages 42-68

Article on classroom philosophies, click here

Week Seven: for readings and videos, click here


Weeks 2 and 3: click here

Week 6: click here

Class Powerpoints

Week 1: click here

Week 2: click here

Week 2 and 3: click here

Week 3: click here

Week 4: click here

Week 5: click here

Week 6: click here

Week 7: click here



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