NHE 104: Neohumanist Philosophy of Education


This course offers new understandings of the concept of the human, what it means to “know” and how knowing happens, an expanded perspective on ethics and their importance in education, and a new understanding of the role of aesthetics in human experience.


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The course is foundational to the rest of the program. It explains the essential beliefs at the core of Neohumanist education; beliefs about human nature, about knowledge, about values and ethics. It does this in the context of exploring other modern philosophies of education, in order to situate Neohumanist education in the full range of educational possibilities.
Course Description:
This course will introduce participants to the foundational concepts of a Neohumanist philosophy of education in the context of an overview of major Western philosophical traditions of the 20th and 21st centuries. A Neohumanist philosophy of education offers new understandings of the concept of the human, what it means to “know” and how knowing happens, an expanded perspective on ethics and their importance in education, and a new understanding of the role of aesthetics in human experience and what the arts contribute to a Neohumanist education.
How this course is related to Neohumanism?
Neohumanism presents a new story, a new worldview about humans and our place in the world. Neohumanist education articulates in great detail how education must be transformed in order for this “new human” to emerge.
What is the result or change students will experience?
Develop a deeper understanding of educational philosophy in general; more specifically what Neohumanist philosophy has to offer education that is unique and relevant to our current world.
Dates of Class: Oct. 31 – Nov. 14, 2023 (Fall Break Nov. 19 – Nov. 25); Nov. 28 – Dec. 12, 2023
Times of Class: Tuesdays, SA: 2pm UTC ; SB: 11pm UTC
Instructor: Dr. Kathleen Kesson
Kathleen Kesson is Professor Emerita of Teaching and Learning (LIU-Brooklyn). She is the former Director of Education at Goddard College in Vermont, and the founding Director of the John Dewey Project on Progressive Education at the University of Vermont, a research and policy organization. She currently serves as Program Director and Faculty for the Neohumanist Education Teacher preparation program in NHCA. She has published numerous books and articles on democracy and education, arts in education, critical theory, curriculum theory, and spirituality and education. She is a Global Affiliate with the GUND Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont, and a contributing member of the Great Transition Initiative, a project of the Tellus Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Class Per Week: 2 hours
Study & Engagement Per Week: 2 hours 30 minutes
Total Credit: 2
Registration: Learn more about the Neohumanist Teacher Preparation Program (Blocks 1 – 4)
“For me it was very important to learn about NHE and the differences between it and other methods of education. All the readings were absolutely amazing and inspiring! I loved them all and learned a lot of new content…I gained beautiful insights that made me think about things in a new way. This was not only theoretical knowledge, but actually true knowledge that can and should be put in practice everyday.”
– Student 1
“Every time I attended the class, one layer of knowledge was added to my mental library. It’s amazing how much there is to know about Neohumanism, the philosophy, the methods, the new approach, the sentiments and how to expand them, and of course going much deeper about Neohumanist education. I appreciated and enjoyed all the classes every day. They gave  me more confidence to share NH and all its glorious, historical and wonderful  aspects to the public and to the parents as well.”
– Student 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this course part of a larger, more in-depth program?

Yes. While this course is open to all and has no pre-requisites, completion of this course can count towards earning a Neohumanist Teacher Certification. To learn more about the Teacher Preparation Program, click here. Interested to apply? Send your interest inquiry to nhe@gurukul.edu.

What certifications do I earn upon successful completion of this course?

A Certificate of Achievement from the Neohumanist College of Asheville, an affiliate of Ananda Marga Gurukula Network.

What are the requirements for successful completion?

Students must attend a minimum of 80% of the online virtual classroom sessions. Student will also be required to upload all work to our Google Classroom, for 100% learning activity completion.

More Questions?

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