Navigating Big Feelings and Tantrums


We will talk about the who, what, when, where, and how of big feelings and tantrums.  This class is packed with tools, understanding, empathy, and great conversation. We are not alone, we are a community.

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As we evolve as humans, parents, and teachers, we evolve our communication style. If our goal is to expand and grow, this involves empathy and understanding. We can use what we know about neurology and specifically child development to develop a communication style that supports growth for adults and children.
Meeting Time: Wednesday 6-8pm EDT
Meeting Date: August 30, 2023, Online
Instructor: Rachel Maietta

About the Instructor:
Rachel Maietta is a mom of three beautiful boys, a teen, tween, and toddler. She loves working with families. Rachel started babysitting when she was 11 year-old. Her background is in developmental and transpersonal psychology. She has worked as a counselor with families experiencing homelessness as well as teenage boys in a group home. Rachel has directed and taught in preschools in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. She currently runs a very sweet heart centered nature preschool in Marshall, NC and is founder of Wholehearted Parenting Coaching, where she supports parents to navigate challenges and create life-long connections that will help bring joy, peace, respect, and playfulness to family relationships.
As a mama of  three boys, wife, preschool teacher, and parent coach, she understands the enormous responsibility of being a parent and trying to decide how we would like to parent. We want to be kind and loving and we want our children to listen to boundaries, we do not want to be too authoritarian and we do not want to be too permissive. She supports parents to create an environment where all family members, parents and children, are heard, understood, and respected.
About the Course:
Learn how to understand, navigate, and minimize tantrums and meltdowns in the classroom, at home, or in groups. 
We will talk about the who, what, when, where, and how of big feelings and tantrums. In taking time to learn about when and why big feelings and tantrums happen in children, teens, we are able to set up an environment to minimize the frequency of tantrums and heartbreaking meltdowns. When we dive into what is happening in the brain of children, we are able to understand it is normal and we can be more empathetic and less stressed. We will identify different types of emotions and how they show up in the brain and in our life. We will identify and learn tools to manage our own emotions, and support others helps us to remain calm before, during, and after witnessing a tantrum. This class is packed with tools, understanding, empathy, and great conversation. We are not alone, we are a community. 
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Experience a completely unique learning journey! Students will learn:
  • Awareness of neurology and child development and how it relates to big feelings and tantrums at home and in the classroom;
  • Create an environment that supports emotional regulation;
  • About co-regulations and its importance;
  • Calming access tools to use when you are feeling overwhelmed;
  • Rapid reset tools to use when someone is having a tantrum.
It is challenging for me to capture with words the gratitude I have for Rachel and her program! The program has been an absolutely essential component of my parenting journey thus far. Prior to connecting with Rachel, I’d read many books in an attempt to navigate my desire to parent consciously and kept finding that nothing really spoke to my unique experience. I felt so stuck in my old habits and patterns of reaction with my child. Talking with Rachel in the weekly phone calls provided the support I really needed to heal and apply the knowledge in an integrated and healthy way. The content of her program and activities between sessions provided me with understanding, improved awareness, and incredibly useful strategies. I truly feel that with her program and ongoing support I’ve developed into the parent I always knew my child needed. Sometimes it really is just a matter of developing the right tools and accepting yourself unconditionally. So simple and so not easy! Rachel’s warmth and presence makes the journey so much easier. The knowledge and gifts Rachel shared with my family were priceless. For that and so much more I am eternally grateful.” – Sarah Smith
“Children don’t come with a manual, but you can get a really good one from
Rachel Maietta.”
– Student 2
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Course Format:
Firstly, this course is 100% online. Students will engage with the faculty and other students on the Zoom virtual learning platform, for a one-time a two hour workshop.  All class sessions are recorded and may be used for future course marketing.
Frequently Asked Questions:

What certifications do I earn upon successful completion of this course?

A Certificate of Achievement from the Neohumanist College of Asheville, an affiliate of Ananda Marga Gurukula Network.

What are the requirements for successful completion?

Students must attend the full two hour session

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