Course objectives

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Program Objectives

Before we begin, here is an introduction to the program and the objectives of this module.

The Leadership for Social Change (LSC) Program consists of 3 levels. The first level, Fundamentals, is a foundational level that consists of 3 modules. Self and Teams are the entry points to the LSC Program.

Once participants have completed the Fundamentals level, they need to take take 2 electives, either from the Neohumanist college, or an affiliated organisation related to leadership and self development topics. Courses from other organisations can also be approved provided that they are of sufficient length (equivalent to a 3-5 day short course) and relate to neohumanist leadership principles and topics (see examples below).

The Teams module has the following specific learning objectives.

  • Participants will develop basic intercultural awareness, and knowledge of how they interact with others based on an assessment tool
  • Participants will learn the philosophical underpinnings of  Neohumanism
  • Participants will learn basic concepts of psychology and spirituality, and how they are expressed practically in a leadership context
  • Participants will learn skills for understanding and working in teams
  • Participants will learn skills for conflict resolution
  • Participants will learn to identify memes that drive social change
  • Participants will choose a personal learning goal to work on related to the course content
  • Participants will learn and apply reflective journaling
  • Participants will engage in peer learning and support to put theory into practice and reflect on the challenges and successes in that process