Group closing and reflections

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Our final online session has arrived! Think about your learning journey to date. Be ready to tell the story of your transformation. Did something change on a core level for you? How did you go in relation to your development goals? What reflections and takeaways do you have?

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Ananda Manimala · August 15, 2023 at 02:59

This LSC course came on time, was very inspiring and very helpful and brought many changes to my life and the organization that I lead. The changes I felt after taking the LSC course were, more respect and trust, self-confidence increased, mindset became more Open, More Caring and Supportive in the team, More able to control myself and more patient, More Thinking about the development and welfare of the team, I realize the success of the organization that I lead depends on the people I work with, success is formed from a good team collaboration . my burden now is the problem of communication that I still have to improve. So thanks to all the organizers of this online LSC course

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