Week Five Homework

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For anyone has not yet completed the below assignments, you can upload them here.

Part 1 – Due November 22, 2022

Create a classroom/group creative brief about belonging or exchange, place or time. You can also create a creative brief for a group you want to work with in connection to your Breakthrough question.

Should include:

Breakthrough question or purpose

Stilling exercise or meditation

Creative task

How will the group share their experience.

Part 2 – Due November 29, 2022

Journal about trying your creative brief with a group using this framework

What happened when you were creating it?
What did you notice about yourself when trying it ?
What did you notice about the group?
What’s next?

Part 3 – Due December 6, 2022

Part 3 – InClass Present the Creative Brief in written form and what happened and what you noticed when you tried it out.
Maximum 10 minutes