LSC102: Leadership for Social Change – Teams


A blended learning and coaching approach:
  • How to build effective teams
  • Skills incl. conflict resolution, boundaries & cooperation
  • Influencing team identity and consciousness change

(Tuition does not include $130 fee for Global DISC Assessment)
(Video – Course Introduction)


Course Description:  This continuing education course, Teams, is the second-module of the first level of a three-level leadership development program. The Leadership for Social Change program is a blended learning and coaching approach to leadership development. You can join this course without taking any of the previous courses. The Teams module kicks off the leadership development journey supported by a multi-award winning assessment and development tool, Global DISC, to understand why people think and behave so differently in groups. The journey covers topics such as spirituality and leadership, the stages of group development, the biopsychology of cooperation, conflict resolution, cultural intelligence and inclusion, communication for consciousness change and the latest neuroscience on the fastest ways to learn and develop. 


Instructors: Satya Tanner and Iulia Halangescu
Satya has a passion for neohumanism and enjoys helping others develop leadership skills for a better world. She holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership, a Master’s Degree in Training and Development, and is a certified Emotional Hygiene coach. She has over 20 years of experience in leadership in the Defence, Aerospace, and Offshore Wind Industries. In addition, she spent 16 years as an Aeronautical Engineering Officer and Pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force. She is both a leadership coach for her own business and is a professional project manager. She currently serves as the Country Manager for a Renewables company.


Iulia Halangescu is the president of a European network and a trainer with over 15 years of experience in project management and social integration. She has a Master’s in Sociology, Pedagogy, and Psychology with a specialty in probation. She specializes in migration and diversity management, acquiring knowledge in conflict resolution, community development, fund raising, project writing and socio-economic strategies building. She is also certified as a computer programming analyst and getting certified in neuro-linguistic programming.


Course Approach: This is a blended learning course designed for busy people, which means that we DO NOT meet on a weekly basis like students may be used to. The first 12 weeks is like an “appetiser” that is designed to give you some light familiarity with different topics and skills. This is a time of mostly self study, with either group coaching (Global DISC team result and conflict resolution practice) or peer activities every 2 weeks. During this time students will undertake small action learning quests (usually involving observation, or practice) and write weekly reflective journals. Ideas and observations are shared in our Facebook group too.
The most significant part of the course is 2 weekends of workshops in week 13 and 14. This is like the “main meal” where we take the ideas and models we have been learning and put them into practice. As these are online workshops for 4.5 hours, you will need to have access to internet and a comfortable space. We will be using virtual whiteboards, group breakouts and a lot of fun role play especially with topics such as conflict resolution.
Finally, we move to “dessert”. Having practiced some new skills or embodied new ideas, we will spend the remainder of the course fine tuning the skills that you most want to work with. Group coaching every 2 weeks will help to support you in establishing your goals, trying out something new and reflecting on your experience.
Video Description
Learn More About Course: Leadership for Social Change – Teams (LSC 102), Course Outline (week-by-week)
Learn More About Program: Leadership for Social Change – All Levels (LSC 101 – LSC 304)
Course start date: 11 Feb 2023 (detailed schedule below)
Duration: 20 weeks
Group coaching, kick off, and workshop preparation meetings (7 x 90 mins)
Because we have participants from all over the planet, we divide our sessions and workshops into Europe to Asia Pacific, and Asia Pacific to Americas.
Europe (EU) to Asia Pacific (APAC) sessions start at 9 am (0900 h) Copenhagen time on Saturdays (afternoons for APAC participants).
  • Week 1 – 11th Feb
  • Week 4 – 4th Mar
  • Week 8 – 1st Apr
  • Week 12 – 29th Apr
  • Week 16 – 27th May
  • Week 18 – 10th Jun
  • Week 20 – 24th Jun
APAC to Americas sessions start at 6 pm (1800 h) New York time on Saturdays (Sunday mornings for APAC participants).
  • Week 1 – 11th (12th) Feb
  • Week 4 – 4th (5th) Mar
  • Week 8 – 1st (2nd) Apr
  • Week 12 – 29th (30th) Apr
  • Week 16 – 27th (28th) May
  • Week 18 – 10th (11th) Jun
  • Week 20 – 24th (25th) Jun
Intensive Workshops (4 x 4.5 hours)
Europe (EU) to Asia Pacific (APAC) sessions start at 9 am (0900 h) Copenhagen time on Saturdays and Sundays (afternoons for APAC participants).
  • Week 13 – 6-7th May
  • Week 14 – 13-14th May
    APAC to Americas sessions start at 6 pm (1800 h) New York time on Saturdays and Sundays (Sunday and Monday mornings for APAC participants).
    • Week 13 – 6-7th (7-8th) May
    • Week 14 – 13-14th (14-15th) May
    Pre-workshop self study (Weeks 1-12): Allow 2 hours per week self-study time
    Post workshop self study (Weeks 15-20): Allow 1 hr per week of self study time
    Assessment: based on participation and attendance. Most weeks participants will fill out a reflective journal and make commentary on “quests” (such as talking to others about a topic or observing behaviors in their environment). Passing the course requires that all journals and quests are completed, 100% attendance at the workshops and missing no more than 1 group coaching session.
    Prerequisite courses: None. This module Teams, along with Self, is an entry point to the Leadership for Social Change course.
    Frequently Asked Questions: 
    Do I have to complete the self study in accordance with the timetable?
    You can complete it at your own pace during the week, but we recommend staying up to date with (or even ahead of) the weekly schedule. Groups coaching sessions require that you have completed the quests and reflections beforehand. 
    Are the coaching calls compulsory?
    Finishing the course requires that you attend all of the group coaching sessions except 1 (i.e. you are allowed to miss one)
    Do I have to do homework?
    Aside from reading and watching content, there are quests and reflective journals for you to take action on and to fill out. Submission of all journals and quests is required to finish the course.
    Are there any other costs associated with this course?
    Yes, there is a one time $130 fee paid to the instructor for the Global DISC Assessment.
    Do you offer sliding scale scholarships?
    Neohumanist College Ashville is launching a one-time experimental promotion that will offer teams an opportunity to Build Neohumanist Teams by taking LSC 102 collectively. This newly developed BNT Special will now allow teams (individuals working on a common project) to receive one invoice in the name of the team. The internal cost share would be determined by the team. Here’s how it works. Each team (of up to 10 people) would be permitted to send one representative to the Online Zoom Class & Workshop session and obtain one login to the online learning content. This team lead would have permission to share any content obtained in the course with their team. Additionally, there are two available add-ons to this base program. The Tier 1 add-on would allow the team (1) additional direct login access to the online content for US$100. The Tier 2 add-on would give an (1) additional team member direct access to the Online Zoom Class & Workshop, in addition to a login to the online learning content, for US$300 for each additional team member. This offer is available for a limited time starting today through February 9th. Yes, please email to express your interest in this promotion and make special invoice arrangements.


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